Desperate Appeal

Desperate APPEAL from Feline Friends Dubai to help Foster or Adopt a wonderful cat or kitten.

Feline Friends Dubai is at breaking point with more than 100 cats available for adoption and desperate to find loving homes.

The situation has reached emergency levels at Feline Friends Dubai foster homes, where they are experiencing an overload of kittens and cats that have been lost or surrendered. The average Fosterer for Feline Friends Dubai is currently fostering two cats or kittens. Bless them for their commitment.

We want to continue to help the stray and abandoned cats of Dubai, but this turns into a massive challenge if we have trouble managing the cats and kittens we’ve already committed to.

We are getting over 20 calls a day as a cry for help for cats and kittens in need and as we are over capacity, we are not able to keep up our commitment to the cause.

WE NEED YOUR HELP. Fostering (even short term, i.e. summer/holiday cover) is a great way of helping Feline Friends Dubai to free up resources to continue to help the cat population of Dubai. Adoption is what we want to see long term, so that all these wonderful cats and kittens find a forever loving home.

Thank you 

Need Fosterers