Need Fosterers

Feline Friends are always on the lookout for Fosterers for our many cats and kittens.  If you can help call our enquiry line 050-4510058 or email:


Volunteers Appeal!

In addition to our usual requirement for Volunteers we are also in urgent need of the following:

  • Distribution – We need volunteers to contact shops such as Spinneys, McGrudys book store etc, and distribute our calendars there. Essentially, we need to create awareness about Feline Friends and help in promoting our events.   

If you can help with this, or in any other way, please click here.


Volunteers Needed!







Help needed from Dubai businesses

We require your help with our ongoing TNR programme across Dubai.

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Feline Friends are in desperate need of support from local businesses, to assist with the costs and to help build awareness of Feline Friend’s TNR (Trap, Neuter, and Release) programme.  Feline Friends and the community alone CANNOT afford to spay the thousands of cats in the streets. 


We have volunteers, who trap on a daily basis all over Dubai, but it is simply not enough and it is currently never ending.


Additionally we are often not able to enter free zones and labour camps easily which is also a huge problem, as these are private areas. Our programme is one where we trap, neuter and then return the cats to the area they were trapped, which means we need access.


If you are running a local business then WE NEED YOUR HELP!


if you think you can help Feline Friends, as part of your organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme to:

  1. Help Feline Friends to spay / neuter stray cats in your area by providing the funds to cover the costs of the operation/s (Feline Friends can assist with the actual trapping and transport to our affiliated vet clinics)
  2. Help to create awareness in your free zone area or with the associated organisations on the importance of connecting with Feline Friends to assist with spaying/neutering the huge population of strays in Dubai


For further information on TNR please see our fact sheet


We have already sterilised over 1,000 stray and feral cats this year alone (2012). That is not counting cats that have been rescued, fostered and rehomed.