Health Check-ups

Cats are not big fans of the trips to the clinic. Despite the rather vocal protests from your cat, it is important to arrange a medical checkup at least once each year even if your cat appears to be in perfect health. 


For cats that are 8 years of age and older, the medical examination should preferably take place once in 6 months.

The visits can be combined with the yearly vaccination boosters.

Here is what the veterinary doctor will do in the yearly medical checkup:

  1. Discuss the cat's diet and possible health concerns;
  2. Examine the cat's ears for infections and allergies;
  3. Listen to the lungs and heart;
  4. Check the abdomen for tumors, bladder stones and kidney problems;
  5. Look into the cat's mouth for infected gums, loose teeth, objects stuck between teeth, tumors and tooth decay;
  6. Inspect the eyes;
  7. Examine the paws and toenails for pad injuries, cuts, punctures or irritation;
  8. Weigh the cat;
  9. Take the cat's temperature;
  10. Check for fleas and advise you on how to get rid of them, if necessary;
  11. Give the necessary vaccinations.