Medical Section

Partner Vet Clinics

The following vets are all recommended by, and help support Feline Friends:


Al Safa Veterinary Clinic; 04.348.3799

Nad al Shiba Veterinary Hospital; 04.323.4412

Veterinary Hospital Dubai; 04.338.7726

Energetic Panacea; 04.344.7812

Common Diseases

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Cats must be microchipped in order to be registered and get a municipality tag. Cats not wearing a tag and trapped by the municipality will be put down.





In Dubai three types of vaccinations are mandatory for cats in order to receive Dubai Municipality registration.




We do not encourage breeding of any kind and strongly urge pet owners to act responsibly by spaying and neutering all of their pets. Large numbers of cats are destroyed across United Arab Emirates (and the world in general) each year because there are far more cats born than homes can be found.


Cats can reach sexual maturity as early as 4 months, at which point they become capable of mating and producing offspring. The best age to carry out the sterilisation procedure is around 4-6 months, depending on the growth of the kitten. Two cats (male & female) will produce 20,000 kittens in just 5 years, taking the kittens of the kittens into account like a pyramid effect. The procedure can be done at any stage of the cat’s life, but for adult cats undesirable behavior patterns may be more difficult to alter, because certain behavior has already become habitual.




Most worm infections in felines are treatable by appropriate medication that can be prescribed by the veterinary doctor.




Oops, she's pregnant...Now What?


You may have taken a bit too long to arrange for that vet’s visit to spay your cat or picked up a pregnant female.



Health Check-ups

Cats are not big fans of the trips to the clinic. Despite the rather vocal protests from your cat, it is important to arrange a medical checkup at least once each year even if your cat appears to be in perfect health. 



Toxoplasmosis and Pregnant Women

You do NOT have to get rid of your cat!



Now that I have your attention: Pregnancy when you have a cat presents some challenges, but don't worry, none of them are even remotely insurmountable. You just need a little planning and know-how. Cats and babies have coexisted peacefully for thousands of years. This article deals with preparing for a new baby; the second part of this series discusses what to do once baby arrives.