Feline Friends is a member of World Society for the Protection of Animals.


As an all-volunteer, non-profit, charitable organization, Feline Friends needs donations of every kind, from your precious time, to pet food and other cat supplies, as well as the cash required to pay veterinary bills.  All monetary donations go directly to the care of our foster cats and the stray cat population of Dubai– every Dirham counts!  Please contact our help line on 050 4510058 or email


For more information on how you can donate your time, supplies, and money to our worthy cause, please read on.


Our Sponsors

petfooddubai PET FOOD DUBAI: Pet food delivered to your door within Dubai
With every food order Pet Food Dubai donates a percentage of the sale to Feline Friends.  Now that's what we call generosity!! 
1266999179_ad1d69f0e3 ROYAL CANIN: Feline Friends official sponsor, and essential food for all cats 


Cash Donations


Any amount, no matter how small, is most appreciated.  Your donation helps us to do many things, such as paying our vets bills for sick and injured stray cats as well as funding our sterilisation campaign.  Additionally we have petrol expenses for our van which helps trap stray cats, as well as bills for running the helpline and adoption lines.  Donations can be dropped off at:

  • Nad al Shiba Veterinary Hospital Tel: 04-3234412
  • Veterinary Hospital Dubai Tel: 04-3387726
  • Energetic Panacea Tel: 04-3447812
  • Al Safa Vet Clinic  Tel: 04-3483779 (Al Safa do not except simple cash donations but you can donate money by asking the staff to deduct the amount you want to donate from Feline Friends vet bill).
  • Donations can be given at our regular Adoption Days


Cat Supplies Donations


Do you have cat food, litter or other cat-related items (e.g. cat carriers, litter trays, cat toys, scratch posts) that you would like to donate to the cats in foster care or to our feral cat feeders? We would love to hear from you!  Please call our help line on 050 4510058 which is staffed by our volunteers, if you get through to the voice mail please leave a message with your name and mobile number and tell us the items that you wish to donate and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Book and Garage Sale Donations


Feline Friends has Book Sales and Garage Sales throughout the city at various locations.  We are always looking for donations of books and items to sell to raise money for our cause.  Check our Events Page for the next sale.  We welcome donated items to be dropped off at the event, or in advance.  Please contact to learn about our drop off points.


Donate your time!


As valuable as money is, donating your time is just as important. There are a wide variety of volunteering opportunities with Feline Friends! If you are interested in volunteering with us in any capacity we would love to hear from you! If you would like more information please go to the Volunteers section of our website for more info and contact details!