How can you help?


Feline Friends is a member of World Society for the Protection of Animals.


As an all-volunteer, non-profit, charitable organization, Feline Friends needs donations of every kind, from your precious time, to pet food and other cat supplies, as well as the cash required to pay veterinary bills.  All monetary donations go directly to the care of our foster cats and the stray cat population of Dubai– every Dirham counts!  Please contact our help line on 050 4510058 or email


For more information on how you can donate your time, supplies, and money to our worthy cause, please read on.




Feline Friends are always looking for volunteers who are able to give us some of their time, energy, support and ideas. There are many ways in which you can help Feline Friends in its never-ending task of making life better for the felines of Dubai. Even if you can only spare a few hours we would still be interested in your help. The more you volunteer your valuable time the more you will learn about Feline Friends, enabling you to understand and participate in the important work we do.  


Rest assured that our experienced voluntary coordinators will be around to help you.  


Remember - it's your valuable time and contributions that makes our non profit – making organisation possible. 


Current Volunteering Vacancies


PR activities -There is an urgent need for someone, ideally with PR/Press experience but not essential, who would work on Press releases and other PR activities that will help increase awareness of Feline Friends and promote its events and activities.  Training will be provided, although ideas are also welcome!

Events coordinators – We areurgently looking for volunteers who would be happy to help organise simple events such as school fairs etc. where Feline Friends can have a stand. You would need to liaise with the schools, venues etc (they generally approach us first, but sometimes we may contact them), then organise getting volunteers, a table and our merchandise there to sell. Our current coordinator, Ramona, requires a back-up momentarily and will provide you with the necessary details in order to get started.


"Adoption Days - Adoption days are held once every month at various veterinary clinics in our network.  Typically we require at least 10 volunteers to be present from 12pm-4pm at the adoption days. Help is needed with setting up the stalls, looking after the cats, interviewing the prospective adopters and generally attending to the people attending the venue. The tasks will be allocated depending on each volunteer’s experience and no contribution is too little, just giving kitties a hug can go a long way to make them purr.

The number of cats and kittens that can be homed will depend on the time of the year, as typically during the holiday time there is less activity and fewer kitties can go to new homes. During the summer months we hope to home around 5 to 10 cats during an adoption day, but during other times of the year this number is generally higher. Volunteers that have shown their willingness to participate will be notified of the upcoming Adoption Day through a group email. It can often be a busy and tiring event, but allocating your Saturday afternoon for this wonderful cause will go a long way in making a difference in the lives of homeless animals.

It is important to note that volunteers need to have a certain amount of experience being around cats as most tasks do require some intuition when interacting with the interested people wanting to adopt a cat to help allot them to a suitable cat based on their needs.

As well as day to day volunteers, we are also looking for an Adoption Day Co-ordinator, someone to take the responsibility of organizing these to give some time off to our current volunteer.  You will be supported and given all the necessary information, but please let us know if you are interested in helping with this important role."




Feline Friends does not have a cattery or shelter, therefore all our cats are kept in foster homes until a suitable permanent home can be found. Re-homing the cat can happen in as little as a few days or weeks, but usually it takes a few months to find a suitable home.  We are always on the look-out for new foster homes because that enables us to help more cats and kittens.


In 2010 approximately 500 cats and kittens found permanent homes thanks to Feline Friends fosterers!  . Read on to learn more about Fostering.