Pet Relocation

Moving to or from Dubai?


Relocating and want to take your precious purry friend/s with you?  Its important to know that it takes time to plan your relocation, this is why you will need the help and guidance of a Pet Relocation Company in Dubai.  If you are looking for a temporary boarding home in Dubai click here.


If you are moving to Dubai: a relocation company can give you the correct information to ensure you have all the paperwork and vaccinations ready.  But first of all you should consult a company in the exporting country you are leaving before seeking advice in Dubai.


If you are leaving Dubai: contact a moving / relocation company in Dubai that specialises in pet relocations, and also make sure to contact a similar organisation in your destination country for importation requirements. Feline Friends highly recommends Dubai Kennels and Cattery for all relocation services.


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