Letting Your Cat Outside

Feline Friends recommends cats be kept indoors.  Outside cats are in danger of being stolen, abused, or even killed.  There are feral cats all over Dubai, and your cat can easily get into fights with them which can lead to deadly diseases, injury, and large vet bills.  Indoor cats live significantly longer than their outdoor counterparts.


That being said, some cats need to be outside as they are used to the freedom and would be very unhappy inside an apartment or home.  Sometimes sterilisation alone can help reduce the cat's desire to go outside, but this is not always the case.  If you must let your cat out, there are essential steps to protect them.  Read on to learn more about keeping your outdoor cat safe.


When you bring home a new cat, always keep them inside for at least a month.  This way they learn the location of their new home, the smells, where the food is plentiful, etc.  After one month, if you decide to let them out, they should know their home and stay close by.


If you are going to let your cat out, make sure it is fully vaccinated, microchipped, sterilised and wearing a collar with an up-to-date Municipality tag!


Many stray cats carry feline diseases, such as rabies and cat flu, which cannot be transmitted to your cat if it has current vaccinations.  To learn more about common cat diseases click here.  To learn about vaccinations click here.  To see our recommended vets click here.


By sterilising or neutering your cat, you prevent it from becoming pregnant, or impregnating other cats.  We all know there are already too many stray cats in Dubai, so Feline Friends carries out an ongoing Sterilisation or TNR Campaign to help control the population.  Sterilising your cat has several benefits; males are less likely to roam or fight and females are less likely to attract feral males, all of which reduce their chances of picking up diseases.  Remember, not all diseases can be vaccinated against, such as Feline AIDS.  Also, injuries from fights, such as abscesses, are very painful and cost a lot of money to treat.  By reducing your cat's desire to mate with other cats, you are saving it from exposure to deadly diseases and ultimately save yourself money due to large vet bills.  To learn more about sterilisation click here.


Microchipping and Municipal Registration are mandatory according to UAE law.  By having your cat microchipped and registered you are more likely to find them should they become lost; any vet can scan the microchip and get in contact with you to return your cat.   To learn more about microchipping click here.  It is also mandatory for your cat to always wear a collar with the Municipality tag on it, and any cat caught by the Municipality without a collar and tag are assumed to be stray and may be put down.  To learn more about registering your cat with the Municipality click here.