Cat Care Costs

We all need to be very committed to our cats, both financially and with our time. If owners are not willing to meet their animal's financial needs then they are rarely able to meet their pet's social and basic care needs as well. If you are thinking of getting a pet cat, be aware of the cost and time commitment required, and then choose a pet that needs a home. If you already have a cat and not sure what essential items you need to buy, here is a guideline on cost and essentials your cat will need to be a happy cat!


Feline Friends recommends Royal Canin cat food, you can find this pet food at most pet stores and vet clinics in UAE.  Click here to visit their website.  


When bringing a new cat home, you need to purchase a Cat Carrier, Litter Tray and Scoop, Feeding Bowls, Scratching Post, and Toys.  Depending on the cat you choose you may need other items (e.g. grooming tools, medications).  Other items such as special bedding and cat trees are also a good ideas.  Depending on the brand, you can either spend a lot or a little on the essential supplies.  But if you are on a budget, you can purchase the necessary items for around 300AED.


Food and Litter also vary in cost.  You can buy crystal or sand litter, which on a budget will cost 30AED per month.  You may be tempted to buy bargain supermarket food, but take note that while the price may seem less, the cat will consume more of this food due to the fact they are not getting all their nutrients, not to mention the higher vet bills associated with a poor diet.  Purchasing Royal Canin should lead to a monthly food bill of 100AED per cat.


Initially, cats must be vaccinated twice against common cat diseases, as well as receive a rabies vaccine, microchip, and be registered and sterlised.  This costs approx. 1000AED depending on the vet.  Each following year, the cat must receive another vaccine against common cat diseases, a rabies vaccine, and be reregistered with the municipality, which costs approx. 300AED depending on the vet.


Lastly, you must consider the cost of boarding your cat while you are away on vacation, which can cost between 50-100AED per day.  For those of us who will eventually leave Dubai, the cost of relocation is inevitable.  Please contact a relocation company for information on medical requirements, quarantine periods, and cost of shipping, which can be multiple thousands of dirhams.


 All above costs are estimated.  Please note supplies, food, and even vet bills vary widely depending on the brand and clinic.  Please check your local store and vet clinic for accurate pricing.