Cat Care

Taking Home a New Cat

Some cats need a bit of time and patience to get used to a new home.  This is true for adults and kittens alike.  Here are some tips on what you could expect when you take your furry friend home.  Please note, this does not happen with every cat but the more prepared you are the easier it is for all parties to settle and not worry or feel stressed.



Introducing Your New Cat to Others

Cats are often happier in the company of another feline, especially those kitties that live indoors. However, there are a few things to consider to make the introduction as stress free as possible, both for you and for your furry friends.



Registering Your Cat

According to UAE Law, all cats must be registered with the Municipality. 


To be registered, your cat must be vaccinated against rabies and have a microchip.  Once registered you will receive a tag which must be put on a collar and worn by the cat at all times.  Any cat caught without this tag can be put down by the Municipality. 



Cat Care Costs

We all need to be very committed to our cats, both financially and with our time. If owners are not willing to meet their animal's financial needs then they are rarely able to meet their pet's social and basic care needs as well. If you are thinking of getting a pet cat, be aware of the cost and time commitment required, and then choose a pet that needs a home. If you already have a cat and not sure what essential items you need to buy, here is a guideline on cost and essentials your cat will need to be a happy cat!



Cat Boarding

Going on holiday?


Read on for places your furry friend can be safe while you are away..



Pet Relocation

Moving to or from Dubai?


Relocating and want to take your precious purry friend/s with you?  Its important to know that it takes time to plan your relocation, this is why you will need the help and guidance of a Pet Relocation Company in Dubai.  If you are looking for a temporary boarding home in Dubai click here.



Letting Your Cat Outside

Feline Friends recommends cats be kept indoors.  Outside cats are in danger of being stolen, abused, or even killed.  There are feral cats all over Dubai, and your cat can easily get into fights with them which can lead to deadly diseases, injury, and large vet bills.  Indoor cats live significantly longer than their outdoor counterparts.


That being said, some cats need to be outside as they are used to the freedom and would be very unhappy inside an apartment or home.  Sometimes sterilisation alone can help reduce the cat's desire to go outside, but this is not always the case.  If you must let your cat out, there are essential steps to protect them.  Read on to learn more about keeping your outdoor cat safe.



Caring for a Newborn Kitten

Found a newborn kitten? 

If you come accross a kitten (or more than one) it may be that its mother has left him there to find food, so please keep an eye on the kitten for a couple of hours before picking them up.  If the mother does not return, then chances are the kitten has abandoned or orphaned.  **Note - coming back a few hours later to check on the kitten does not prove the mother is not around, she may have returned in your absence.


Please do not offer regular cow’s milk to cats of any age! It is not easily digestible and can cause diarrhea or worse in younger kittens. Newborn Kittens should be bottle-fed with a commercial milk replacer, you can find the special baby formula at most pet stores and vet clinics. 


For more tips about caring for your newborn kitten go to Royal Canin website.  Please read on to learn about rearing new born kittens.



Aggressive Behaviours

Aggressive Cats


Under the soft fur and cuddly appearance hides a predator. Cats in the wild do not do gardening, they have to hunt for survival. Even if your kitty has been served tasty food on a platter its entire life, the predatory instincts do not leave its sub-consciousness.




Scratching is natural behavior for cats. This is not exactly a revelation, since you probably have the evidence all over your sofa and the elegant dining chairs.




Cats can sometimes stop using the litter box for a number of reasons which are not immediately apparent to you, and there may not always be a simple answer to the problem.




What should I feed my cat?


Cats are strict carnivores and require food of animal to survive. Cats require specific nutrients which they cannot manufacture in their body and are not present in foods of plant origin.


Fresh clean water should be available at all times to your cat, no matter what diet he is on.


Pet Food Dubai for home delivery
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Cats are relatively clean and wash themselves … true! However, some cats are better at it than others and it is totally possible for your furry friend to become a right stink bomb. Cats that spend time outside may also decide to roll around in the dirt and bird feathers before making a sure advance towards your sofa ...




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