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If you are thinking of getting a cat or kitten, please consider adopting from Feline Friends before buying from a pet shop or a notice board. In addition to the native cats to the UAE (a pure breed called the Arabian Mau which has been recognized by The World Cat Federation), we have a number of other cats and kittens of various breeds (including Persians, Siamese, Angoras, etc.) that have either been abandoned or handed over by their owners for various reasons, most of which can be found by going to our Adoption Gallery.  Click here to find out the details of our next adoption day.


Our cats are healthy, well-adjusted, and our Adoption Coordinator will help you find the perfect cat for your home and lifestyle!  Read on for tips in choosing the right cat for your home.  Please remember most of our cats have dealt with abandonment before.  Adopting a cat is a long-term commitment (cats can live up to 20 years!) so please make sure you are able to provide a "forever home" before continuing with the process. Visit Adopting v. Fostering if you have doubts about such a long-term commitment.  


Why should I adopt from Feline Friends?


Our cats are healthy, well-adjusted, and our Adoption Coordinator will help you find the perfect cat for your home and lifestyle!


All the cats and kittens in our care that are available for adoption are checked by a veterinary doctor to ensure they are healthy.  In addition, all the kittens have received their first vaccination and the adult cats have their full vaccination programme completed. The older kittens and adults have also been sterilised, as Feline Friends does not advocate irresponsible breeding.


We take utmost care to pair up the most suitable furry friend with your particular household. We are able to do this because our felines have been fostered in homes where we are able to assess their individual characteristics and personalities.  Our homing coordinator will ask you a series of questions, which relate to what type of cat you are looking for and your suitability as a potential owner. This will also be an opportunity for you to ask any questions that you may have regarding the particular cats that are available and cat-care aspects in general. Upon the completion of this assessment and matching process, you will be given contact details of one of our fosterers that has the potentially most suitable cats or kittens for you, so that you can arrange a visit to see the feline in a home environment. If you hit it off, you can take the cat home with you that day!  For more information on the Adoption Process click here.


Which cat is right for me?

Do you want a playful cat, or a calm one?  Do you want a very cuddly cat, or a more independant one?  Do you have kids, other cats, or dogs?  Is the house empty most of the day?  All these are questions you should think about when adopting a cat. 


Feline Friends recommends kittens be homed to households with children over the age of 7, as they bite and scratch when they play.  We also recommend younger kittens to be homed with other kittens or cats, as this helps keep them occupied and less likely to get into mischief.  For more information on why 2 kittens are easier to care for than one please click here. 

And remember: Everyone coos over kittens while adult cats sit there sadly watching wonderful owners pass them by.  Kittens will always get another chance while adult cats aren’t so lucky.  So do your fellow mature animals a favor and take one home today!


A cat or a kitten?

It is a common misconception that Adult cats cannot connect with new owners or will not adjust to a new house or new animals.  This is 100% incorrect.  While kittens are sometimes quicker to adjust, a bit more time and patience, as well as a proper introduction, is all an Adult cat needs to become a fully integrated, loving member of the family.  Please see our tips for Bringing Your New Cat Home and Introducing Your New Cat to Others.


Please read the various topics below before you decide to adopt an adult cat or a kitten:

Financial Implications - A very young kitten will only have its 1st shot provided by Feline Friends and will need 1 more booster in 3-4 weeks. A kitten will also need additional deworming, sterilisation, microchipping, and registration, which can total more than 1000AED in vet bills by the time the cat is 5 months old.  Meanwhile, our adult cats will be fully vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped when you adopt them, all paid for by Feline Friends.


Personality - All kittens are cute and playful! However, they only stay small for a very short time, and as they mature their personalities change. A kitten may end up being either a shy cat, aggressive at times, nervous or just the model cat you were hoping for. Either way you are taking chance no matter how well you have treated them.  Adult cats have well-developed personalities, so you already know that you will be satisfied with them because we have matched that cat's personality to your specific requirements, your family's needs, and the environment you live in. Remember, this is the cat that will be part of your family for the next 15-20 years, it's important to choose the right one.


Physical Characteristics - It's impossible to predict what a kitten will look like as an adult. Baby blue-eyed kittens grow into green-eyed adults. Small kittens grow into jumbo cats or large kittens may turn out to be small adults. Even the shape of their face changes as they mature.  If you have strong preferences along any of these lines, we suggest that you adopt an adult cat that has already physically matured.


Mischievousness - Kittens are very energetic and playful. They do not understand the difference between climbing up a scratch post and climbing up your expensive draperies or your trouser leg! Kittens wrestle and play very aggressively, are easily stimulated, and need constant attention. Kittens, especially when left alone, may destroy your furniture, your phone wires, eat your plants or your shoes. Adult cats are calmer and are not as likely to destroy your stuff or keep you awake at night.


Two’s Company! - All animals need a companion, unfortunately many of us are not home for long periods of time due to our work schedules. Another companion/pet is an ideal for most cats. Kittens learn to socialise much better in pairs and will not exhibit as much destructive behavior when they have each other to wrestle with and cuddle with.


Health - Kittens can be susceptible to many viruses and parasites, as their immune systems and digestive/intestinal tracts are very immature. Older cats have stronger immune systems and more highly developed bodily systems and organs. Adults will be spayed/neutered before adoption. A kitten will have to be neutered when it reaches 5 months.  To learn more about this procedure click here.


Young Children - The most common victims of animal bites and scratches are children. Young children, no matter how well behaved, do not realize how fragile a kitten is and do not always know how to handle such a small animal. It is advisable to only adopt a kitten (or two) when your children are older than 7.


To read "9 Purrrfect Reasons for Adopting an Adult Cat" click here.


Now that you are more informed on which cat is right for you, please go to our Adoption Process page to begin.


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