Adoption Day Information

Adoption Days are held once every month at various veterinary clinics in our network.  Please see our Events Page to see when and where our next one is.  If you cannot make it to our Adoption Day, please go to our Adoption Process page where you will learn about adopting one of our cats from the comfort of their foster home.



A number of the cats that are in our foster care are brought to our Adoption Days so that they can meet the families potentially willing to give them a permanent home. Typically we try to arrange for 20 to 30 cats and kittens to be exhibited at each adoption day, but the number will vary depending on whether the fosterers are available to bring them on the particular day.


Adoption Days are advertised to the public through publications in local news papers (such as 7 Days), Time Out magazine, radio stations, flyers in supermarkets and veterinary clinics as well as notifications posted on Facebook and Twitter.


One of our volunteers will hold an interview to determine which cat is suited to your requirements. There are many important questions that need to be determined, such as:


1) What will happen if you leave Dubai?

2) What arrangements are in place during the vacation time?

3) Do all family members agree to bring a furry friend into the home?

4) What kind of cat are you looking for (e.g., behaviour, appearance)


Once the adoption interview is complete, you will be shown the cats and hopefully paired up with a new companion. The selected cat or kitten can also be taken into a consulting room to play around with.


It is our policy, however, that cats cannot leave the premises without being placed in a cat carrier. This is considerably safer than simply carrying the cat or placing it into the car unsecured. At these events, we have feline related merchandise on sale such as litter trays, cat carriers, feeding bowls etc, so you have a one-stop shop for that new bundle of fur and fun.


We encourage families that have adopted a furry friend to stay in touch with us for any necessary advice and guidance.


The number of cats and kittens that are homed at this event will depend on the time of the year, as typically during the holiday time there is less activity and fewer kitties can go to new homes. During the summer months we hope to home around 5 to 10 cats during an adoption day, but during other times of the year this number is generally higher. That said, in August 2010 we homed 17 kitties in only 3 hours, which is a great success and allows us to help more needy souls. During our September 2010 event, 11 kitties were able to find permanent homes.


For further adoption information please contact