Adoption Information

If you are thinking of getting a cat or kitten, please consider adopting from Feline Friends before buying from a pet shop or a notice board. In addition to the native cats to the UAE (a pure breed called the Arabian Mau which has been recognized by The World Cat Federation), we have a number of other cats and kittens of various breeds (including Persians, Siamese, Angoras, etc.) that have either been abandoned or handed over by their owners for various reasons, most of which can be found by going to our Adoption Gallery.  Click here to find out the details of our next adoption day.


Our cats are healthy, well-adjusted, and our Adoption Coordinator will help you find the perfect cat for your home and lifestyle!  Read on for tips in choosing the right cat for your home.  Please remember most of our cats have dealt with abandonment before.  Adopting a cat is a long-term commitment (cats can live up to 20 years!) so please make sure you are able to provide a "forever home" before continuing with the process. Visit Adopting v. Fostering if you have doubts about such a long-term commitment.  



Adoption Process

Feline Friends is a non-profit organisation that rescues abandoned cats from the streets. We do not have a shelter, but rather rely solely on volunteers to take our foster cats into their homes.  We do have monthly Adoption Days (see our Events Calendar for times & locations) at local vets where you are invited to see some of our cats, but all other times they must be viewed in private homes.  When a cat is taken into our foster care, he/she receives veterinary treatment, is vaccinated, microchipped and if over the age of five months, is sterilised. To cover our vet expenses, as well as all our operational costs including our trap-sterilise-release campaign, we will ask for a non-refundable donation.  Please note that donations are our only source of income and are desperately needed to keep our organisation running.

Here you can find a complete outline to Feline Friends' Adoption Process as well as contact details for our Adoptions Coordinator.



Adoption Day Information

Adoption Days are held once every month at various veterinary clinics in our network.  Please see our Events Page to see when and where our next one is.  If you cannot make it to our Adoption Day, please go to our Adoption Process page where you will learn about adopting one of our cats from the comfort of their foster home.




Adopting v. Fostering

Adopting a pet is a serious commitment, time-wise as well as financially.  Feline Friends offers Fostering as a way for cat-lovers to enjoy a cat without the stresses and costs associated with caring for a cat its entire life.  Please read more to learn if Fostering is a better choice for you.