What Makes a FF Foster Cat

Feline Friends focuses on helping stray cats. If you find a stray cat/kitten that is healthy, friendly, likes to be indoors, and very homeable, we can bring them into our foster care if we have available space. Please remember Feline Friends is staffed by volunteers only, we do not have a shelter, so all of our cats are cared for by registered FF fosterers homes. (click here for more information about foster care)


What type of cat is a FF Homeable Cat?

Cats that are homeable are either adult cats that have been abadoned by their owner and are therefore used to being indoors and around people, or very young kittens that have been found without their mother or have been dumped by inconsiderate owners who neglected to get their pets spayed.  These kittens are often put into dustbins or boxes then discarded as if they are rubbish.


What can you do if you find a homeable cat?


Many people call our enquiry line to tell us that they have rescued a cat or kitten but they cannot keep them, therefore they call us and expect FF to immediately pick up the cat and take it into our care. Feline Friends can give advice and may be able to help, but be aware that this is not always possible due to our lack of a shelter and volunteers.  Please remember these words 'I RESCUED'.  These words should mean that YOU have taken on the responsibility of caring and homing your rescue!


Even if you are willing to foster your own rescue, we are not always able to home the cat.  For example, many people offer to temporarily foster their rescues, which is very kind of them, but they believe that FF can home cats within a short period of time.  This is not always possible. Sometimes it takes up to two years to home a cat!  We have a certain number of registered fosterers, therefore only a finite number of cats can be taken into foster care, and this number has to coincide with the number of cats we can potentially adopt.  Once a cat is adopted, another rescued cat can be placed with the registered fosterer, and so on.  Because you are not a registered FF fosterer, after your cat has potentially been adopted, we cannot place another cat or kitten into your home simply because you won't foster again. Therefore, we are unable to save another cat or kitten in its place, as there is no available fosterhome for care and love.


What are the options?

We ask you to contact the enquiry line (shown below) to see if we have any space.  If not, you can decide if you would like to adopt the cat or if you are willing to become a registered FF fosterer.  Click here to learn about Fostering.


What defines feral, stray and abandoned cats or kittens?

Feral cats are untamed and are scared of humans. Most stray cats will enjoy being fed, purr around your legs, and may tolerate being pet, but would hate to be picked up and kept inside. These cats are absolutely not homeable.  Please understand that these cats will be very unhappy if taken inside, therefore we could never consider bringing them into the FF fostering program.  FF can only support a certain number of cats and kittens in our care.  Feral and stray cats should be sterilised, though.  Please read about our Sterlisation Campaign.


We ask that you please call the enquiry line at 050 451 0058 if you find a cat you think is eligible. Leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Please remember we are extremely busy, but please call us again.