The achievement of Feline Friends’ objectives costs money. We are fortunate enough to be supported by a number of veterinary clinics in Dubai. Even with their support, our average monthly veterinary bills are huge due to not only our cats in Foster Care, but also the hundreds of strays we sterilise and treat.  We also must add the cost of running the phone lines, the Feline Friends’ van, production of traps and other operational expenses.


Feline Friends are not funded by the government or any private entity, and we do not operate any profit making business from which we could derive funds. Our funding is obtained solely from the donations of the public, and every dirham goes to the care of the cat population of Dubai.  


They are various sources of donations:

-      Cash donations at designated veterinary clinics (listed below)

-      Adoption Donations

-      Garage sales

-      Book sales

-      The Annual Feline Friends Ball

-      The Feline Friends Calendar

-      The Annual Pet Show


These fundraising activities and others are carried out by a group of dedicated volunteers and those that just want to help occasionally. They give up their free time to ensure that Feline Friends raises the required funds to continue its work and expand to meet the needs of the feline population in an ever-growing Dubai.


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Cash Donations


Any amount, no matter how small, is most appreciated.  Your donation helps us to do many things, such as paying our vets bills for sick and injured stray cats as well as funding our sterilisation campaign.  Additionally we have petrol expenses for our van which helps trap stray cats, as well as bills for running the helpline and adoption lines.  Donations can be dropped off at:

  • Nad al Shiba Veterinary Hospital Tel: 04-3234412
  • Veterinary Hospital Dubai Tel: 04-3387726
  • Energetic Panacea Tel: 04-3447812
  • Al Safa Vet Clinic  Tel: 04-3483779 (Al Safa do not except simple cash donations but you can donate money by asking the staff to deduct the amount you want to donate from Feline Friends vet bill).
  • Donations can be given at our regular Adoption Days