About Us


Feline Friends is a non-profit making organisation that has been in existence since 1991. The organisation was first founded by Lesley King, a British Expatriate living in Abu Dhabi. A few months later Jackie Green, an American Expatriate, started a sister organization in Dubai.


Feline Friends is fully funded by donations and supported by part-time volunteers.  Feline Friends DOES NOT have a shelter; our remarkable volunteers foster our cats in their homes until they are adopted.


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Cat Rescue Scheme

Feline Friends rescues homeable cats and kittens and places them in foster care after they have been seen by a veterinarian.  All cats are dewormed, vacc and sterilized if old enough and will stay in these foster homes until suitable permanent homes can be found.


To find out more about homeable cats, please visit what makes a feline friends cat.

Read more to learn about Fostering and Adopting.



What Makes a FF Foster Cat

Feline Friends focuses on helping stray cats. If you find a stray cat/kitten that is healthy, friendly, likes to be indoors, and very homeable, we can bring them into our foster care if we have available space. Please remember Feline Friends is staffed by volunteers only, we do not have a shelter, so all of our cats are cared for by registered FF fosterers homes. (click here for more information about foster care)


What type of cat is a FF Homeable Cat?

Cats that are homeable are either adult cats that have been abadoned by their owner and are therefore used to being indoors and around people, or very young kittens that have been found without their mother or have been dumped by inconsiderate owners who neglected to get their pets spayed.  These kittens are often put into dustbins or boxes then discarded as if they are rubbish.



Sterilisation Campaign

Update 7 November 2012: we sterilised over 1,000 stray and feral cats in Dubai. 


Feline Friends is only too aware of the devastation that un-sterilisation has on the cat population of Dubai. The numerous unwanted kittens born on the streets have a life of suffering, disease, abuse, and starvation waiting for them.   Two cats (male & female) will produce 20 000 kittens in just 5 years, taking into account the kittens of the kittens, like a pyramid effect, and sadly there are simply not enough homes for all these kittens. Can you imagine how awful it is for these kittens to be born in an environment where they have no food, clean water and get sick because there are too many of them if we allow them to breed?


Feline Friends runs a Trap-Sterilise-Release program, funded purely by donations and staffed by volunteers, to control the local cat population.  We are in need of volunteers!!  If you have some spare time day or evening and would like to volunteer your time and , we would love to hear from you, please email us at




The achievement of Feline Friends’ objectives costs money. We are fortunate enough to be supported by a number of veterinary clinics in Dubai. Even with their support, our average monthly veterinary bills are huge due to not only our cats in Foster Care, but also the hundreds of strays we sterilise and treat.  We also must add the cost of running the phone lines, the Feline Friends’ van, production of traps and other operational expenses.


Feline Friends are not funded by the government or any private entity, and we do not operate any profit making business from which we could derive funds. Our funding is obtained solely from the donations of the public, and every dirham goes to the care of the cat population of Dubai.